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Why Choose Us

As your dedicated Telecom Agent, we have a vested interest in helping you keep your competitive edge and delivering real business value every step of the way. When it comes to finding solutions that make sense for your business, we are forward-thinking, aggressive, and always impartial. To that point, if you reach out to a Sales Representative at AT&T, for instance, they’ll try to sell you on an AT&T solution, much the same way if you were to contact Comcast, Windstream, Earthlink, CBeyond, and so forth. If you call LucraTel, on the other hand, you’ll get unbiased information and have access to several flexible options to create the best solution for YOUR business, and you’ll feel better knowing you weren’t ill-advised.

Our consulting expertise is further enhanced through our bonafide relationships with Vendors, VARs, Technicians, and Channel Partners that help illustrate the value of the companies they represent. This collaborative effort and our high-quality, personalized approach enables us to leverage a solid network of reliable communication companies that can provide your business with capabilities for increased operational efficiency by delivering tailored and competitively priced solutions.