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DATA T1 (Dedicated Internet)


For companies that send and receive large amounts of information via the internet, or rely on bandwidth-intensive Voice Over IP systems as their primary voice service, this solution is designed with them in mind. With a guaranteed throughput speed of 1.5Mbps (upgradeable up to 6.0Mbps), a company won’t have to contend with fluctuating bandwidth throughout the day (as is the case with a DSL connection), which means no excessive time spent uploading or receiving e-mails, and no ‘underwater’ conversations. This makes it more reliable, and the guaranteed bandwidth means it can easily support up to 50 users.

In terms of cost, the T1 is moderately priced when compared with DSL service, and higher-end routers are usually included and managed by the carrier as part of their service offering. This makes it less likely to encounter service issues than a DSL connection and, therefore, is normally accompanied by a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that guarantees a very high uptime probability. If in the unlikely event that there is a service interruption or outage, it is guaranteed to be restored within a relatively short period of time, otherwise the SLA provides for customer credit.

In essence, while DSL service is affordable and relatively reliable, it is considered a residential-grade solution, whereas a Data T1 is a cost-effective solution for commercial-grade needs that carries guaranteed service.