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DISASTER RECOVERY (Data Recovery & Business Continuity)


Disaster Recovery is defined as the ability of an organization to respond to a major disruptive event or an interruption in services by implementing measures to stabilize and restore the organization’s critical functions with the aim of mitigating losses. Whether it’s due to human error or a natural disaster, every hour you lose trying to recover data and restoring systems cuts into your productivity and profits, at best.

For most small to medium-sized companies, losing access to mission-critical data and applications—even for a short period of time—can destroy a business through the inability to operate, loss of critical documents, failure to deliver a service or project and, ultimately, the loss of customers. Consider this fact: of companies that had a major loss of business data, 43% never reopen and 29% close within two years.

Having a Cloud-based Disaster Recovery (DR) plan in place is not only important for natural disasters, but also for minor events which can impede business performance such as blackouts, network viruses, and system failures. With a Cloud-based disaster recovery solution, small and medium-sized businesses can have the same disaster recovery reliability and robustness that larger companies already enjoy. There is no reason why your business should not be able to verify your data and quickly access your mission-critical applications in the event of the unexpected.

Through our disaster recovery and business continuity planning experts, we can ensure you’re getting the secure, reliable service your business needs and deserves, when it matters most. And the scope of our services goes beyond backup and restoration. We research your working environment and custom design a strategic and comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery plan for your business that will minimize your downtime and get you back in business quickly, because that’s what it’s all about!