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This is the ‘state-of-the-art’ in internet connectivity. It is a next generation method of delivering data across MANs (Metro Area Networks) via the fastest and most reliable dedicated high speed internet access. Utilizing established and familiar Ethernet technology, Metro-E facilitates collaboration with coworkers in two or more offices within a metropolitan area.

Combining the power of Ethernet with optical technologies provides a cost effective way to attain guaranteed high levels of bandwidth, up to GigE (1000Mbps) speeds. This can easily support VoIP (Voice Over IP), video, and other applications while discriminately appropriating bandwidth for mission- and business-critical applications. It offers the scalability to support new technologies and the flexibility to adapt to network changes. It provides for incremental bandwidth options so you can easily increase or decrease bandwidth, add locations, consolidate your traffic onto one network, and provide additional security without significant capital outlays. Best of all, you may be able to take advantage of your current router interface, avoiding the need to purchase additional equipment.

Built in redundancy with 24/7 customer router monitoring virtually eliminates downtime. Nevertheless, with an ironclad SLA (Service Level Agreement) in place, your company is assured prioritized service in the unlikely event that validated service issues arise.