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Do you ever have trouble making sense of your monthly communications bill(s)? If so, you’re not alone and certainly not to blame. Telecom invoices are convoluted for a reason, and to the untrained eye the various charges may appear legitimate or go overlooked altogether. Oftentimes, carriers have hidden charges and fees, include unnecessary services, misapply taxes, leave out promotions and discounts, fail to apply credits, and just outright bill erroneously.

As billing experts, we possess the technical knowledge and attention to detail necessary to uncover all the irregularities characteristic of telecom billing. When you make the commitment to work with LucraTel in selecting new telecommunication services, we’ll audit the invoices for those services at no charge, as part of our commitment to you.

We’ll validate that the selected network services are being billed correctly, recover funds for erroneous charges, eliminate unused services, and make certain that all advertised promotions, applicable discounts, and available credits have been applied. No matter the discrepancy, we’ll work diligently with your company and the carrier to ensure that any billing grievance is resolved expeditiously and accordingly.

Our auditing service can be especially helpful to your Accounts Payable department if our recommendation, as part of a cost-saving or service-optimizing initiative, entails acquiring the services of an additional carrier. They can process multiple invoices more efficiently, and your company will be able to take advantage of multiple service providers without the additional inconvenience.

Even if you’re currently under contract with a telecom provider but have billing-related disputes, LucraTel can still be of help. We provide our auditing services on an ad hoc basis to companies that are not in the market to change providers but would like to have their invoices and services evaluated by professionals who have the unique ability to decipher and dissect large volumes of complex carrier billing. For this service, percentage of savings-based fees will apply, which still means no out-of-pocket costs are incurred.

Regardless of the function our auditing efforts serve, they can result in historical recoveries and will lead to significant savings on your communications costs in the future. Any realization of savings will not only go a long way in helping the bottom line but also alleviate budgetary constraints that could pave the way for potential upgrades and backup solutions. This can further enhance productivity, thus contributing to growth and value creation.


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