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LONG DISTANCE (Domestic/International) & TOLL-FREE SERVICE


Long Distance phone service allows you to make a call outside of your local calling area to another local calling area other than you own. Depending on the nature of your business and how you operate, it may be more sensible to “bundle” your long distance with your local service and internet access. Conversely, your business may be better off having a separate plan if your long distance phone calls exceed a certain monthly threshold. In the same manner, deciding between Switched vs. Dedicated Service, Unlimited Long Distance vs. Pay Per Minute, or Contract vs. Month-to-Month, can prove costly if ill-advised on the costs and benefits of each option.

Knowing which long distance destinations employees call, how often they call there, and the average duration of a typical conversation can help us ascertain which plan will best fit your needs and budget, now and into the foreseeable future. Even if an existing long distance service is already in place, we can see where we can save you money by analysing previous bills and determining if a more cost-effective option is available vis-a-vis one of our competitive long-distance carriers.

Although Switched Long Distance service is most common, perhaps your high volume long distance or toll-free traffic necessitates a Dedicated T1 connection. Usually, dedicated long distance rates are much lower than switched rates but in order to be at that level a company typically has to make approximately $1000 or more worth of long distance phone calls per month. SIP Trunks are now also available for long distance service at incredibly low rates for high volume callers.

Choosing which long distance service will best serve your company’s needs can prove to be a daunting task when taking into account all the plans and options available. Moreover, failing to select the right plan or switching plans when circumstances change can be quite costly. Let us guide your decision-making. There are dozens of different carriers and services that we have access to, and we are determined to find you the best solution for your business. Long story short, we’ll never sell you short on your long distance service!


Toll-Free long distance is a “virtual” number that a company normally reserves for current customers or potential clients as a convenient way for them to reach customer service without having them incur the long distance charge. Originally, Toll Free numbers were known as 800#’s but as they became more popular the supply of 800#’s ran out. Today, the Toll-Free designations are 800,888,877,866, and 855.

Toll free numbers are usually billed at the same rate as 1+ calls until you get down to the very low dedicated rates. Some companies, however, charge more per minute on toll free calls, or they charge a monthly fee such as $2.00 per number. It’s also worth mentioning that people are 70% more likely to call a toll free number than not, so having one came make the difference between a sale and a lost opportunity.

That being said, having a Toll Free number offers several advantages, besides giving customers the impression that you are a large company. As previously mentioned, it gives customers a hassle-free way to contact your customer service team. Secondly, it helps direct even more traffic to your business by enabling no-risk access to your sales force. Thirdly, it broadens your footprint without penalizing your customers. Lastly, you can enhance your brand recognition with a unique and memorable toll-free vanity phone number specific to your company’s identity.