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MOBILITY FOR BUSINESS (Wireless/Cellular Solutions)


Mobility has become a downright necessity to all modern business environments. No longer viewed as a luxury, your business cell phone, SmartPhone, laptop and/or tablet play an integral role in how you stay in touch with your vendors, customers, prospects and employees. With the increasing reliance on wireless data, and thanks to the prominence of affordable data plans, companies can leverage a more distributed and mobile workforce that has 24/7 access to pertinent company and product/service information in real-time.

It goes without saying, then, that selecting the right wireless device, with the right plan, through the right carrier is just as important as selecting your (wireline) telephony service. Your wireless provider needs to have widespread coverage and reliable service, and just like your local and long distance phone service, your mobility plan needs to be reviewed periodically.

Although technically not considered a ‘mobile’ solution, Wireless Line of Sight or Fixed Wireless service is quickly becoming a popular data solution for companies who cannot obtain wireline services at their place of business from either telephony or cable companies. Using next-generation wireless technology, these internet service providers can offer impressive speeds and business-grade broadband service on their growing networks, and they do this at a fraction of the cost and installation time of their wireline competitors.

Even when wireline service is available and preferred, with all businesses vulnerable to periodic network difficulties and outages, having Wireless Line of Sight/Fixed Wireless as a back-up option is a solid way to get around downtime. 4G LTE Wireless Air Cards can serve the same dual-purpose, both as a cost-effective means for a business to have fast internet service on the regular, or simply as a back-up plan in case their primary fixed circuits are down and they need to ensure access to the internet.

We can assist with any mobility needs, including GPS navigation, mapping, and asset-tracking services.