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IP Telephony, once beyond the scope of most small and medium businesses, is quickly setting the standard and becoming the norm for business phone communication. Not only are IP-based systems now more cost-effective compared to traditional TDM systems, they also
afford numerous advantages that can equate to greater savings and productivity enhancements.

    • IP telephony saves time and money with employee MACs (moves, adds and changes) because you can eliminate the cost of having to bring in an outside vendor
    • Converging your voice and data infrastructure will make it easier for your IT team to manage by streamlining management and support functions.
    • By leveraging advanced applications, your employees can access detailed caller information, allowing them to provide a higher level of personalized service to customers.
    • Skills-based routing and intuitive self-service options ensure that your customers will experience less frustration and quicker service as they seamlessly navigate through directive prompts to get the help they need.
    • Productivity and mobility take center stage with IP telephony features and programs designed to simplify information sharing and communication between employees – even as they travel and work from remote locations.

Whether you’re considering to upgrade your telephony system or switch to a different provider altogether, LucraTel takes a client-centric, case-specific approach to determining the best IP telephony solution for your business. We are proud to partner with the industry’s most revered leaders, including NEC, Avaya, Cisco, and Samsung, to provide innovative answers and cutting-edge solutions to your Unified Communications and telephony challenges.